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Detect opportunities, problems and turn them into solutions

E Value it - Unlock the potential of your business

3 simple steps for Level Up

3 simple steps forLevel Up
Interface digitale d'audit avec prise de photos et rattachement de documents

Audit at 360° and simply

Perform strategic audits and operational routines in just a few clicks.

Take photos and integrate documents to enrich your diagnostics.

Identify levers of improvement, attractiveness and performance.


Benefit from suggestions on areas for improvement,
with artificial intelligence .

Use the generated reports, SWOT, radar and scoring to analyze situations.

Reveal the potential of your business.

Rapports générés automatiquement, SWOT et Scoring pour chaque campagne d'évaluation

Operate the levers

Plan, share and track collaborative action plans.

Become the accelerator of excellence initiatives.

Analyze and resolve problems

Digitalize the reporting of any type of problem, by the greatest number of actors.
Have tools to facilitate the analysis and effective resolution of problems.
Become the organisation's problem solver.

Plan, share and track collaborative action plans

Plan projects and tasks of any kind, collaborate with your teams in real time, from anywhere in the world.
Keep an overview of all tasks, their due dates, and progress.
Engage and align stakeholders in a collaborative and virtuous approach.

Modelize process with artificial intelligence and anticipate risks

Gain efficiency with a complete, integrated and integrable solution
Forte satisfaction des clients qui atteignent leurs objectifs d'excellence avec E Value it